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About Us

Our Mission

To continuously challenge the status quo on cost and quality as we drive unsurpassable value to provide affordable & healthy long-term micro-mobility for the price of a daily coffee.

Our Vision

To be the dominant micro-mobility company enriching the lives of millions of people by providing affordable, environmentally sustainable & healthy long-term electric transportation.


At WEDGETAIL, our name is more than just a label; it's a reflection of our values and aspirations. We chose "WEDGETAIL" for a reason that resonates deeply with our mission.

The majestic Wedge-tailed Eagle, a symbol of freedom and strength, embodies the essence of our brand. This iconic Australian bird soars gracefully in the vast, open skies, reminding us of the boundless freedom we seek in our daily lives. It represents the spirit of breaking free from the constraints of the everyday "rat race" and embracing a life filled with health, well-being, and adventure.

As Australians, we take pride in our unique environment and heritage, and the Wedge-tailed Eagle is a truly Australian symbol. It reflects our commitment to sustainability and the creation of jobs within our great nation.

So, when you choose WEDGETAIL Bikes, you're not just choosing a brand; you're embracing the spirit of freedom, health, and well-being, and supporting a company deeply rooted in the values of Australia.


Welcome to the journey towards a healthier, happier, and more liberated you, powered by WEDGETAIL Bikes.

Our Story

It feels good to move people.

light bulb

An idea is born

Our story began in early 2020 when the founders decided we wanted to do more for the community and mental health than just ask an annual question and talk about it.

A factor that played heavily on our minds was using exercise to aid with health and wellbeing.

Going electric

Being cyclist ourselves, and seeing the benefits first hand we quickly realised we wanted to get more people on bikes. This would benefit their health, save them money in the long run and help the environment - a trifecta!

Utilising manual cycles was not an option. People always dig into the "book of excuses" for a raft of reasons why it's not for them. We knew electric bikes were the solution - but they weren't exactly cheap...

electric bike
bicycles dumped in a pile

Bike share graveyards

Our search for solutions initially led us to discover mountains of unused bikes in China. We looked at reusing them in Australia whilst modifying them to be pedal assisted but ran into legal issues surrounding their classification and road worthiness.

This left us with one option - to build our own. 


We built our first bike model in Asia to be fit for purpose. 

No bells and whistles that added to the cost - just a simple, reliable electric bike providing a robust healthy solution to commuting to work (that comes in any colour - as long as it's matte red!).

Aquila-1 electric bike
1 dollar

Making every dollar count

Next challenge - how could we cut 95% off the usual daily electric bike rental rate to match what people were paying for public transport. Why public transport? - because we're not interested in what our competitors are doing - we couldn't care less. Our focus is to create good life habits, and getting people off seats on busses and trains and onto bikes.

We achieved our cost reduction through the way we do business. We designed Wedgetail Bikes from the ground up to be a low-cost service provider.

Achieving this meant we could offer a day rate very rarely seen in this business - and one that would make our bikes very attractive to commuters thus helping us, with our mission.

The party is on

Since our humble start-up, we now focus our attention on micro-mobility as a whole and moving people in a way that's good for them, their pockets and the environment. 

Whilst the cost of electric bikes and scooters are on the rise - we look to disrupt that trend on a mass scale.

We are also working to bring manufacturing back to Australia and look to build future models in Western Australia.

This is our next challenge - to produce awesome products made in Australia, with the price tag equivalent to goods manufactured in Asia.

Stay tuned.

Carbon fiber printed bike with nylon lugs
WEDGETAIL balance bike design
Printed 3D fork for balance bike
3D printed frame of the balance bike
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