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Introducing WEDGETAIL Gold Membership: Unleash Your Electric Freedom

Are you tired of the same old commute? Or are you eyeing a new electric bike but hesitating due to the cost?

Let's face it, buying a bike can be a wallet-draining experience. But why empty your pockets when you can have all the perks without the price tag?

Say hello to the WEDGETAIL Gold Membership – your key to an electrifying journey without breaking the bank.

For just $50 a year on subscription, you get 25% off all regular rental rates for up to 2 bikes (except our delivery subscription, because even we can't defy physics). 

Our rates were ridiculous to begin with - now we take them to a whole new level. Our accountants have advised us that we should be going in the opposite direction - but we ignore them.

Now, picture this:

Commuter or leisure rider (30 days):

Pay $120 instead of the usual $160 for an entire month.


Ride for $90 instead of $120 for 30 days – that's wisdom at a discount.

Weekly adventurers:

Grab 7 days of fun for $75, down from $100 (perfect for those annual Rottnest trips).

And guess what? We're throwing in a helmet too – because your safety is our priority. Plus, our legendary free maintenance is still part of the package.

You also get 25% of all new bikes & merchandise.

So, if you're ready to invest in your health and long-term joy, become a Gold Member today. 

No excuses, no empty wallets – just pure electric freedom. Take the plunge and join the Gold Club. The road to savings and exhilaration starts here.

Fill in our booking form and at collection mention you would like to be a member.

Wedgetail Gold Membership Terms and Conditions

1. Eligibility and Membership Scope: The Wedgetail Gold Membership is exclusively available to Australian citizens or permanent residents residing in Western Australia. The membership is designed for personal use only and cannot be utilised for food delivery services or commercial purposes. 2. Permitted Uses: Gold members are allowed to use the electric bikes for commuting to work, leisure rides, and personal transportation purposes within Western Australia. 3. Membership Bond: A refundable bond of $350 is required upon joining the Wedgetail Gold Membership. This bond serves as a security deposit and will be returned to the member upon the conclusion of their membership term, provided all terms and conditions are adhered to (including the WEDGETAIL Hire Agreement). 4. Included Accessories: Each Gold Membership includes a helmet and a lock to ensure the safety and security of both the rider and the bike. 5. Liability and Damage Reduction: Gold members have the option to reduce their liability in case of damage or theft. This reduction option is not included in the membership and comes at an additional monthly cost. 6. Terms of Membership: The Wedgetail Gold Membership is valid for a specified term, typically one year from the date of enrollment. Membership is renewed automatically upon expiration, subject to continued eligibility. 7. Responsibilities and Code of Conduct: Gold members are responsible for the proper care and handling of the rented electric bike. Bikes must be returned in the same condition as received, with any damages reported to Wedgetail. Any damage or loss incurred during the membership term is the responsibility of the member, as outlined in the damage liability option chosen. 8. Termination and Refunds: Membership may be terminated early at the discretion of Wedgetail due to violation of these terms and conditions, misuse of the bikes, or any other breach of agreement.
No refunds will be provided for membership termination due to breach of terms. 9. Agreement Acknowledgment: By signing up for the Wedgetail Gold Membership, applicants acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions including those covered under the WEDGETAIL Hire Agreement. All members are bound by these terms for the duration of their membership.
These terms and conditions outline the expectations and obligations of Gold members in ensuring the safe and responsible use of Wedgetail electric bikes. Wedgetail Bikes reserves the right to update or modify these terms and conditions at its discretion. 10. Allocated Bikes: Please note that a fixed number of bikes are allocated for Wedgetail Gold Membership. Availability is subject to demand and allocation may be adjusted based on availability. 

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