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  • Can I purchase your bike?
    You certainly can. If you love the bike you have and would like to purchase it, please let us know and we will switch you to a rent to buy plan. You will get a brand new bike, and a free helmet. Best of all - 3 months of your credit paid goes towards the new bike.
  • How can I swap from a rental agreement to a rent-to-buy agreement?
    To swap from a rental agreement to a rent-to-buy agreement, you just have to email us.
  • Do you offer warranty?
    Please refer to our WARRANTY page for more details.
  • What colour choices do you have?
    You can have your bike in any colour you desire - as long as it's matte red.
  • What are your current rental durations?
    We currently do 1 week rental & 30 day rentals. Visit our PLANS page to learn more.
  • What are your rates?
    We will have a plan to suit your needs. You will find all our rates on our PLANS page.
  • Can I extend after the rental period?
    Of course, you can! If you would like to extend your rental you don’t need to do anything. An invoice will be sent out to you with the new expiry date.
  • Can my bike go faster than 25km/hr?
    All our bikes are street legal as per West Australian Department for Transport Electric bike regulation. They will only assist you up to 25km/hr. Any modifications to our bikes to alter this setting will incur a penalty fee of $100 taken from the bond and the termination of your agreement.
  • What sizes do your bikes come in?
    We offer bikes in 26" and 27.5" size frames. These bikes will be suitable for a range of heights. We do not offer XL bikes at the moment however, the seat post of our 27.5" bikes can be adjusted to suit.
  • What is your Liability Reduction? Is it insurance for the rider?
    We offer limited liability reduction which is not insurance for the rider. It merely reduces what the rider would be liable to pay in the event of an undesirable circumstance occurring (theft, damage to bike components). Please refer to our booking form for up to date details.
  • I've booked a bike, but the earliest date I can receive it is a week away.
    Electric bikes are in high demand. As we are a growing business, we only stay open a few hours a week to maximise cost savings (which we pass onto you, the customer). As a result, we have a list of people that we work through with bike allocations. If you would like a bike, we recommend you book at least 2 weeks in advance. We cannot honour a request from a customer to keep a bike without a valid booking.
  • What security bond is required?
    We require a $350 bond for electric bikes and $200 for electric scooters. This is refunded to your card or bank account at the end of the rental period.
  • How long do your batteries last for?
    We use Samsung cells in our batteries. Under normal use, you should get between 600 - 800 cycles from a new battery. This equates to 2 - 3 years. There are tips to extend the life of your battery. These apply to most lithium ion cells and include: - Not over charging (6 to 8hours). - Maintaining the battery between 20% to 80% (i.e. you don't have to charge to 100% or drain the battery fully).
  • Do you stock spare parts?
    Of course. Our bikes are not intended to be single use - hence it's vital to stock spares.
  • Do you have a shop front?
    We have a basic store with limited opening times. In order to offer the value that we do, we need to keep our costs down. Our bikes are stored at a warehouse and released when needed. For this reason we ask that you book a bike. If you would like to test one of our bikes, feel free to pop by when we are open (refer to opening times). All bookings are registered using our online booking form.
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes, we do! We charge $30 for up to 15km distance. Every km after that is charged at $1 per km. Distance is calculated from our shop to the delivery address using Google Maps.
  • Are your bikes good for UBER Eats?
    We supply bikes to delivery riders all around Perth. Renting our bikes for UBER / Deliveroo / Menu Log makes sense as you don't pay the upfront cost of purchasing one. How long our batteries last is heavily dependent on the following factors 1) Rider weight 2) Terrain being ridden 3) Level of assistance and gear being used. As with a car, heavy acceleration (in the form of a higher assistance level) will use more energy hence it is very difficult to predict how long a battery will last. We estimate 40km to 70km on a full charge.
  • Where am I permitted to take my ebike / scooter whilst in my care?
    It is our expectation that whilst in your care you treat the bike / scooter as you would your own. Please avoid getting water into the battery compartment & exposure to sea salt and sand as these don't go well with electrics.
  • What is the maximum rider weight?
    Maximum rider weight is 120kgs


7. How can I swap from a rental agreement to a rent-to-buy agreement?

To swap from a rental agreement to a rent-to-buy agreement, you just have to email us.

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